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Reimagined Materials, Designed to Inspire

Smile Plastics makes specialist handmade decorative panels from recycled plastics. Each panel is unique, made from a range of waste plastics sources, and arranged by hand onto the frame. Our products have inspired designers all over the world.
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Smile Plastics Classics Range recycled plastics panel

Scaling Up:  

Thank you so much for supporting Smile Plastics over the last year!  We have had a huge amount of interest in our materials and have had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects in 2016. In order to continue to meet demand and develop new innovative materials we are looking to scale up our operations a little over the next few months. We are not able to take on any new projects during this time and may have limited stock levels and production capability over the next few months so please bear with us.  Do get in touch if you would like to hear more about our plans and are interested in investing in our business.

Price Increase:

From February 2017 we are increasing the prices of of some of our panels to reflect the time and energy we put in to making our materials. Please review our information on our new pricing and ordering terms here