Smile Plastics makes specialist handmade panels from recycled plastics. Each panel is unique, made from an array of plastics sources, and arranged by hand onto the frame.  With a range of panels in stock, we also have extensive experience making custom panels for clients according to their colour palette, preference and plastics availability.

Materials we have worked with range from mobile phones and confiscated cds to wellington boots and yoghurt pots. The panels are suitable for decorative architectural and design projects and have been used in a wide range of applications in high profile locations like the V&A, the Design Museum and Tate Gallery as well as in shop fit outs, and in furniture and fittings.

Smile Plastics has nearly 20 years experience of creating high end recycled plastics.  It took over from the pioneering recycling agency, Made of Waste (1992-1999) which was set up by Jane Atfield to recycle post consumer squeezy bottles and other waste plastics into decorative construction panels which were used all over the world. Two designers acquired Smile Plastics from Colin Williamson in 2015,  launching their recycled plastics panel range at London Design Festival.  On top of the classics range of panel products, Smile now offers bespoke recycled materials consultancy and development as well as custom design and build services.  Recent clients include Selfridges, Liberty, Wellcome Trust, Droog and Paul Smith.

pedder  haringay recycling lowres
walking wellies 75dpi