Bespoke Recycled Plastics

We work with a diverse set of consumers and businesses to create custom recycled plastic panels. We are able to create materials exclusively for you in a range of materials, waste streams and colours. Please note there is usually a 3-6 month lead time for bespoke projects, and costs vary substantially depending on the work required.

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  • Confetti
    White confetti material used for Christmas displays
  • Hand dyed bespoke material
  • Pink Material for Selfridges Body Studio
  • Coffee pod for Restaurant Associates at Societe Generale's offices
  • Coffee Machine Parts for Sanremo
    Collaborated with Re-worked to create panels from recycled coffee for Sanremo's Verde Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Cart made from recycled coffee grounds
    Coffee Cart for Google
    Collaborated with Re-worked to create a bespoke coffee bicycle cart for serving coffee in Google's London office
  • Curface Table for Google
    Collaborated with Re-worked to create a coffee table from recycled coffee for Google's London office
  • Coffee Tables for Hej Cafe
    Supported Re-worked in creating bespoke coffee tables from recycled coffee for Hej Cafe, Bermondsey
  • recycled yoghurt pot material recycled plastics sheet Smile Plastics