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Black Dapple

Dapple sheets are made from offcuts and scrap from the manufacture of chopping boards. We add the coloured veins during the recycling process.

Dapple sheets are available in Blue or Black as a standard

We are able to make Dapple sheets in any colour subject to a minimum order of around 20 sheets.


High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (post industrial)


Hard, dense, rigid, good UV resistance, moderate scratch resistance, 100% waterproof and good weather resistance, rot proof

Solid material all the way through the board allowing you to have a decorative edge

Can be cut, drilled, machined (e.g. router or CNC), and fixed using adhesives or screws

Can be heat formed

Can be polished

Cannot be painted and therefore is graffiti proof

There is some translucence in the sheets

Recommended applications

As this material is 100% waterproof and rot proof, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors. It can be used for wet rooms, swimming pools, boats, work surfaces, table tops, bathroom paneling, doors, shelving, indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchenware, art and sculpture.   Designers have also used this material for small products such as handles, containers and jewellery.

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BlackD Full Sheet - with dimensions - for web
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  • Selfridges Homeware and Dining department
  • Selfridges Homeware and Dining department
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  • Eastern Biological Shop by Archmongers - Image by French & Tye
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    Black Dapple Chair
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