Limited Edition Products

Launching our new Explorer Limited Edition material at Milan Design Week April 2016!

Smile Plastics has some old stock and some limited edition recycled plastic materials. We only hold a small amount of stock of these products.

Click on an image below to find out more about each available product.

  • Bespoke Pink
    2 sheets of 12mm for a bespoke project. Please enquire if interested
  • NEW: Explorer
    Click to read more
  • Grey Yoghurt
    2 sheets of plain grey material in 5mm
  • Plain Charcoal
    2 sheets of 5mm available
  • white snowflake material at Smile Plastics
    click to read more - only one 12mm sheet available
  • Black Dapple (Old Stock)
    5 x 12mm panels of old stock (larger marbeling), defect (GBP140 EA). Contact for more info
  • Red Dapple (Old Stock)
    1 x 18mm old stock red dapple (larger marbling), defect with minor surface scratching and a couple of small holes through the sheet (GBP150 EA). Contact for more info
  • Charcoal with White Flecks
    1 x 5mm defect sheet (GBP130 EA), 1 x 12mm sheet in good condition 2 x 20mm sheets in defect condition (GBP150 EA). Contact for more info