Explorer sheets are made from 100% recycled plastics, mainly from seed trays and yoghurt pots 

The material, code-named Explorer, takes inspiration from space travel and is made from a blend of 100% recycled materials including seed trays and yoghurt pots. Smile Plastics has fused together a palette of black, white and silver flecks to create rich and bold constellations. Production is limited to just 60 panels


High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)


Hard, dense, rigid, moderate UV resistance, good scratch resistance, 100% waterproof and good weather resistance, rot proof

Solid material all the way through the board allowing you to have a decorative edge

Can be cut, drilled, machined (e.g. router or CNC), and fixed using adhesives or screws

Can be heat formed

Can be polished post purchase

Recommended applications

As this material is 100% waterproof and rot proof, it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and outdoors. It can be used for wet rooms, work surfaces, table tops, bathroom paneling, doors, shelving, indoor and outdoor furniture, kitchenware, swimming pools, art and sculpture.   Designers have also used this material for small products such as handles, containers and jewellery.

Sizes and Pricing


Please email us at sales@smile-plastics.co.uk to enquire about product availability and to purchase panels. SMILE PLASTICS terms and conditions apply to all sales.

Payments: by bank transfer following the issue of an invoice (we do not accept card payments over the phone currently). Prices are in GBP per sheet, ex works, and exclude VAT and shipping.  The prices quoted here are trade prices and we are unable to offer discounts for volume under 50 sheets.


We tend to make our sheets to order, however we do aim to have a few sheets of each product in stock. There is usually a lead time of 2 weeks for items in stock and 6-10 weeks for items not in stock.  Please note that current stock levels and production capacity is very low as we refurbish our equipment.


Shipping one 12mm sheet within the UK costs approximately £35, and £45 for 20mm  (discounts apply when shipping multiples). Shipping a double pallet costs approximately £120 within the UK. Due to weight restrictions a single 20mm full size sheet of bottle material may need to be sent by double pallet or cut into two and sent in two separate packages.

We are able to ship internationally within Europe – shipping prices to European locations will vary depending on the country.


Every board is unique and colours and patterns may vary  from sheet to sheet. Where minimisation of colour variation is critical, discuss your needs with us prior to order.

We try very hard to make our sheets as blemish free as we can, but they are not perfect; for example they may have dimples and minor marks which are outside our control. Please call us to discuss this if it could be a problem

The listed board thicknesses are nominal. Thermal expansion of some sheets can be 2mm per meter over a 10 degrees celcius change

There is colour and pattern variation from batch to batch, and samples do vary depending on where they are cut from the sheet.


You are able to order samples of our classics range of materials directly through our website here.  We are a very small business and currently need to charge for samples though we are happy to refund the costs of the samples after purchasing large scale panel products from us.   If you are unable to purchase samples for some reason, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.


If your materials library does not have a set of samples for reference please send us details of the library manager so that we can send them a sample set free of charge. I’m afraid we are unable to send out free samples to students for personal use or sponsor student projects at this point in time.


Our standard samples measure approximately 30 x 100 x 12 mm and take approximately 1 week to arrive within the UK and 2 weeks outside of the UK . Please note that there is variation in material both within and between panels so a sample will only give you a general indication of what a full scale panel will look like, and so we also recommend reviewing images of the full scale panels on this website.

You can order samples below via Paypal. Please note we charge a premium for customers requiring an invoice for purchasing samples. For those requiring an invoice do not purchase them on this website, and instead email sales@smile-plastics.com with your invoicing details and request. A set of 5 samples to a UK address with an invoice costs £17+VAT.

Please note, we are unable to provide samples of our limited editions

Handling Smile Plastics

Please refer to our Health and Safety and Instructions for Use guides.