Design Your Material

We work with a diverse set of businesses to create custom panels. We are able to create materials exclusively for you from a range of different waste streams and using a wide variety of colour palettes.  Please note there is usually a 3-6 month lead time for bespoke projects, and costs vary substantially depending on the work required.

Materials we have worked with:  thermoplastics (e.g. HDPE, PET, HIPS), paper, textiles and organic materials like tea, spices and coffee grounds


We can make up materials in most colours including metallics, with both opaque and transparent options


If you require specific technical properties for your material e.g. tensile strength or fire resistance we may be able to meet your needs


At the moment our standard dimensions are 2m x 1m in 5mm, 12mm and 20mm. If you require a different thickness, this might be something we can offer subject to minimum orders or a tooling charge.

Our Bespoke Process

1. Send us a mood board with your requirements for us to review and assess feasibility

2. Create one or a series of test tiles c.15x15cm in 5mm thick to develop the material and process (charge is £100+VAT per test tile).

3. Test the material for large scale production if necessary

4. Run production of full scale panels

  • Confetti
    White confetti material used for Christmas displays
  • Pink Material for Selfridges Body Studio
  • Coffee pod for Restaurant Associates at Societe Generale's offices
  • Coffee Machine Parts for Sanremo
    Collaborated with Re-worked to create panels from recycled coffee for Sanremo's Verde Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Cart made from recycled coffee grounds
    Coffee Cart for Google
    Collaborated with Re-worked to create a bespoke coffee bicycle cart for serving coffee in Google's London office
  • Curface Table for Google
    Collaborated with Re-worked to create a coffee table from recycled coffee for Google's London office
  • Coffee Tables for Hej Cafe
    Supported Re-worked in creating bespoke coffee tables from recycled coffee for Hej Cafe, Bermondsey
  • Hand dyed bespoke material
  • recycled yoghurt pot material recycled plastics sheet Smile Plastics